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About David Ritter

David retired from NetworkedChicago in March of 2016. His Co-Founder, Gelie Akhenblit, has managed the business since then.

Leveraging his experience in technology leadership, accelerating business growth, and connecting people, DAVID RITTER, CEO and Co-Founder of NetworkedChicago, LLC, helped professionals and businesses to succeed.  He connected entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals with the business development, business partnership, and career development opportunities they need to achieve the success they are looking for.

People in business today know how important professional networking is.  But, having many contacts in a database is of little value without building real relationships.  NetworkedChicago, LLC provides a portal (NetworkedChicago.com launched in March, 2014) to connect professionals with a wide variety of opportunities for in-person networking in the Chicago area.  The website offers an online calendar of networking events which can be easily filtered to reveal the most relevant events, mixers, and seminars around Chicago.  While additional benefits are available with a Passport membership, the basic membership is free.  The website is equally beneficial to the professional networking groups looking to reach the entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals who are their potential new members.

Dave stresses use of a "portfolio investment" approach to professional networking where investments are made in a variety of relationships over time before looking for the network to pay dividends.  Dave is sought after as a coach to help professionals improve their networking and, more broadly, to help them accelerate business growth.  Dave actively coaches corporate professionals as well as entrepreneurs and new start-ups.

During many years of success as a transformational leader in business technology in corporate settings, Dave facilitated the growth of top line and bottom line business results through strategic investments and sound management.  After his last large corporate employer was acquired and reorganized, Dave formed Ritter CIO Services to offer small and medium size businesses the practical insights he had developed in his years as a Chief Information Officer.  Dave had been active in professional networking for many years – focused within the technology industry.  The need to develop business for Ritter CIO Services required broadening his network and that revealed just how fragmented the professional networking environment really was.  Many very good networking groups existed, but finding them and figuring out which would be the best fit was challenging at best.

After Identifying the need for a professional networking portal for the Chicago area, Dave defined the requirements for such a website.  The only existing website that matched these requirements was operating solely in the Phoenix metro area - NetworkingPhoenix.com.  Dave reached out to Gelie Akhenblit (CEO & Founder of NetworkingPhoenix.com).  It turned out that Gelie was "the" person to know in the Phoenix networking scene and was also interested in expanding to other cities.  They agreed to launch NetworkedChicago.com as a joint venture and are now working with the many networking group leaders around the Chicago area and growing the site's membership.