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NetworkedChicago, LLC will be launching the NetworkedChicago.com website in Q1, 2014 to make it easier for individuals around Chicago to find the in-person networking opportunities that fit their needs and to help the in-person networking groups around Chicago to reach potential new members. Basic membership is free, but individuals may want to upgrade to the Passport membership for additional benefits. Many professionals use online tools to help them manage their network connections. However, the real value is derived from the relationships we develop with our network connections, which requires meeting with them in-person. Many groups exist to help networkers meet and develop relationships, but finding the right opportunities at convenient times and places can be difficult. We make it easy to filter and search these opportunities and even make it more affordable to attend more in-person events. Whether you network for business development leads, to find business partnerships, to increase career opportunities, or to expand your professional knowledge, NetworkedChicago.com will help you achieve a real return on your networking time.

Gelie Akhenblit | Co-Founder | gelie@networkingphoenix.com
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Gelie Akhenblit, CEO / Founder of NetworkingPhoenix is an entrepreneur, speaker, mother and mentor who has altered the landscape of networking in Phoenix, Arizona by visualizing, creating, and launching an online platform that has democratized how people connect in-person.

In October 2008, Gelie left her corporate position in order to launch her vision as a tech startup. Since its inception, NetworkingPhoenix has skyrocketed in popularity and has become one of the most visited websites in Arizona with nearly 37,000 members and growing. 

While the company is rapidly expanding, the mission and focus remain the same. The team led by Gelie at NetworkingPhoenix is still primarily driven by the opportunity to help others meet their goals by building impactful relationships. Her belief is relationships are built intentionally and purposefully one at a time. And her motivation is to create something that improves people's daily lives – whether it's helping members find their ideal position or making connections with the right people who can help them grow their own business venture.

In addition to running her startup, Gelie works with companies and clients, locally and globally, in helping them grow through the power of networking and building profitable relationships. She also speaks on the importance of having a strategy when engaging in face-to-face networking and the power of building and maintaining strategic relationships. 

Most recently, Gelie delivered a TEDx talk on the topic of freedom. In her message, she shared her story of being a political refugee from the former Soviet Union and how her journey to freedom has evolved and led her to chase after her dreams. She urges people not to settle for anything else and to always keep pushing. 

When she's not working, she's spending time with her young daughter, Aris, improving her fitness and documenting her life pivot on her personal blog

Gelie is a 2012 honoree of Arizona Foothills Magazine's 10 Women Who Move the Valley; Selected as one of azcentral.com's 2011 Intriguing People in Arizona Business; 2011 Young ATHENA finalist; recipient of the 2011 Social Media AZ Award (SMAZZIE) in the category of 'Homegrown Can of Awesome'; NAWBO's Emerging Visionary 2010 Award; AZ Magazine's 35 women entrepreneurs under 35 who are helping elevate Arizona's business community 2009 recipient.  

To learn more about how you can engage with gelie, please visit gelie.com