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Where's Networking Monkey?

Networking Monkey's owner, Steve Fretzin, cares about everybody who has been using all that Networking Monkey had to offer, but simply does not have the personal bandwidth to give those members the attention he feels they deserve... enter NetworkedChicago.

Steve has been impressed with NetworkedChicago's commitment, resources, and ability to deliver an ever improving face-to-face networking experience for Chicago; he even posts the events which he personally hosts on our site.

A partnership was born, and Steve, and Networking Monkey, handed the Chicago networking baton to NetworkedChciago.

How can we help you?

At the risk of oversimplifying things, we can help anybody network more effectively and find leads, jobs, professional-relationships, and so much more...


Take a look around the site and find your next networking opportunity. Better yet... sign up for free and we'll find opportunities for you. Just fill out your profile, and our Networking Intelligence Engine™ will start suggesting events for you... think of it like Netflix for Networking.

If you like what you see, we offer a premium membership for those who want curated networking events to attend, personalized lead suggestions, business education, and networking mentorship.

Event Hosts

No brainer... posting your business networking event is free and gains visibility among thousands of local Chicagoans.

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